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John & Jen were married on June 18, 2006, in Milwaukee.  It was a great ceremony!  As stated on the page before I give ALL the images to the Bride and Groom including the OWNERSHIP.  What this means is that your family and friends do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money on photos, because you can borrow the CDs to the family, you can burn as many CDs as you like, or you can email or upload the photos.  The choice is YOURS!  You can also print any of your photos on your home computer.  In addition, your guests at the wedding do not have to worry about taking their own pictures, because as you will see, I take pictures of everyone.

After I take the photos, I will post process every photo.  For John & Jen Wedding I took over 400 unique photos.  Everyone of these were sized and burned to a CD.  They received their CDs in TWO weeks.  My turn-around time is LESS than ONE MONTH.  I know other photographers take several months. 

Thank you for looking.  I group the photos into sections which are easy to follow and tell the story.  This is what you can expect to receive from me....

Before Ceremony


After Ceremony


Between Ceremony and Reception

    Introduction of Wedding Party
    Every Table
    John & Jen

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